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Really tasteful rice completes a meal.

Really tasteful rice completes a meal. Unfortunately, rice is often just a simple side dish and that’s a missed opportunity. With the AZUME Ceramic Rice Cooker, rice will be a great a supplement to your meal.

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Why, What, How


There are many ways of cooking rice. But do they all bring out the best in the rice? During my travels in Japan and China I got to eat rice that was much tastier than I had ever had before. I decided there and then that I would design a cooking pot which would help to cook the best rice possible.


The AZUME Ceramic Rice Cooker is the result. An elegant cooking pot that is practical, durable and affordable. Rice especially is suited for cooking in ceramics. Of course, you could use an electric rice cooker, but who needs extra cords and plugs in the kitchen? Ceramics is also very sustainable in production and use. No plastic or electronic parts that can break down. A ceramic rice cooker will last much longer than any electric rice cooker. If you don’t drop it, it will actually last you a life time.Cooking in ceramics is also a lot of fun. It always works out and the thick bottom of the AZUME pre-vents the rice from burning. The rice will not only taste better, it will also look great. This rice will complete your meal.


After a lot of research and experiments the best possible Ceramic Rice Cooker was created. Not only qua shape, but also finding the best flameproof ceramics. A lot of partners, including manufactu-rers, chefs and marketers, have contributed to the final AZUME design.


World of rice


There are many varieties of rice, and the preparation diers for each variety. All types of rice can be cooked in the AZUME Ceramic Rice Cooker and you will always get the best result.


Like all grain, rice is a grass and the most important food for a big part of the world. Not only in Asia, but all over the
world people eat rice. It is said that wild rice is originally from Australia. About 13.000 to 8.000 years ago the rice
spread from East Asia to South-East Asia and South Asia, and eventually through West Asia to Europe. European co-
lonization introduced rice to America.

White Rice

With white rice the grain is stripped from the husk, bran and germ. That is called the milling of the rice. After stripping the rice, the rice is polished by grinding the grains together, this results in a white, shiny grain. With the milling and polishing the rice looses nutrients. Therefore is white rice often enriched with nutrients like B1, B3 and iron.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is unprocessed rice. A lot of nutrients remain in this rice, but this also makes it harder to digest. Brown rice has a light nutty flavour.

Parboil Rice

This is pre-boiled rice. This shortens the cooking time slightly but that is at the expen- se of the taste and nutrients. I wouldn’t mind if parboiled rice disappears from the shops.

Pandan Rice

Pandan rice and Jasmin rice are types from Thailand have a long grain and smell delicious. Origi- nally the taste comes from the pandanleave. Especially suita- ble for Thai curries and other Asian dishes.

Basmati Rice

A long grain rice from the north of India. Basmati comes from the Sanskrit “vasmati” (fra- grant). Basmati is similar to Pandan, but the grain is longer and drier. Delicous with Indian dishes, but it is an easy rice that combines well with many dishes.

Black Rice

A Chinese rice which is also known as ‘forbidden rice’ because it was originally reser- ved for the Emperor. It is a whole grain rice, firm and rich in flavour with a beautiful dark purple colour. It’s hard to pre- pare black rice in an electric rice cooker but is delicious when cooked in the AZUME.

Bomba Rice

A type of rice that is used a lot in Spain, for paella. Bomba is a short, round grain that absorbs twice the fluid of long grain rice but doesn’t get sticky.

Red Rice

A longgrain rice from Thailand. It is similar to Jasmin rice but it hasn’t been milled, so it is a type of brown rice.

Basic AZUME Rice Recipe

Basic AZUME Rice Recipe

  • Rinse the rice thoroughly until the water is clear (at least three times)
  • Measure the right amount of water: depending on the type of rice that will be approximately 1,25/1,5 cup of water for 1 cup of rice.
  • You can add salt of stock powder for flavour, but this is not necessary
  • Let the rice soak for 30 minutes
  • Place the AZUME on the smallest burner, at the highest fire. As soon as the water is boiling, turn the fire down and let the rice simmer for 8 minu- tes.
  • After 8 minutes, turn the stove o and let the rice steam in the AZUME for 12 minutes. Don’t li the lid and don’t stir the rice. Just let the AZUME do it’s job.
  • After 12 minutes you can scoop the beautiful, light and tasteful rice.
  • Because ceramics hold the heat very well, the rice won’t cool down too much while you finish the rest of the meal.

The AZUME in the Media

The AZUME in the Media


De AZUME featured on Dutch television. Jinai Looi van het Zesde Geluk was guest in the television show “Koietijd” and managed to get a lot of attention for our AZUME Ceramic Rice Cooker.

Just for koks

Review and unboxing the AZUME by Jeroen Andreasen of JustFor- Koks.nl




The authentic taste of rice

In ceramics the rice stays warm and light.

The rims on the inside of the lid make sure that any steam that condensates will drip nicely on the surface of the rice, which prevents the top layer from drying out.

Ceramics won’t give off anytaste like metal often does.


Tasteful rice should be presented tastefully.

The Azume Ceramic Rice Cooker is an elegant, stylish pan and a fine object for your kit- chen and dining table.

The colour of the pan contrasts nicely with the rice and remains beautiful while using it on fire, you will not see any soot marks the fire leaves on the pot.

The pan has a manageable size (2 to 4 persons)

A beautiful detail is the bamboo rice scoop, which you store with the pan.


We are eco friendly.

The Azume Ceramic Rice Cooker doesn’t use electricity and only needs a short time on the stove.

The pan will last a lifetime.

There are still Chinese Ceramic Pots from 4000 years ago. An electric rice cooker definitely won’t make that.


The benefits of the AZUME

Suited for all types of rice

Including bamboo rice scoop

No plugs and cords on the countertop

The AZUME takes up little space

The AZUME is dishwasher proof (the bamboo scoop is not)

The handles give good grip and don’t get hot

The lid lies deep in the pan so when the water boils over it will drip back into the pan, and not all over your stove.

The pan is microwave proof

Azume use

Azume not to use

How to wash

Technical Details

Technical details:

⌀ 180 X 180 mm

flameproof ceramics

Food Safe:
the glaze has been tested and is food safe.

anthracite grey

AZUME The best way to cook delicious rice

The best way to cook delicious rice

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