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How can I order an AZUME Ceramic Rice Cooker?

Right now, the only way to order one is through our Kickstarter page or AZUME website! People who back the project now, get to have the very first AZUME Ceramic Rice Cookers and save a bunch over the future retail price of €120. Just click on the ‘Back This Project’ button on the right of the Kickstarter campaign page or go to our Webshop page.

Can I order more than one?

Sure! You can order as many AZUME’s as you want. Just multiply your pledge by the number of units you want. Shipping will double because we’ll have to send each unit separately.

You’ll also have a chance to enter different addresses at the end of the campaign for each AZUME.

You can also look at our bulk option for 10 AZUME’s in one order. Get all your friends on board for some pretty great savings!

Can I pick any colour?

Yes, as long as it’s black!

But seriously, black is the most convenient color for a ceramic cooking pot. The flames of the gas stove will leave soot marks, which you won’t see on the black glaze. That way the pot will remain beautiful in use.

Is the AZUME fragile?

Don’t drop the AZUME!

But you shouldn’t drop your electrical rice cooker, cast iron pan, or Teflon pan either.
Apart from dropping the AZUME is very durable.

How much rice can you cook in the AZUME?

In the AZUME you can cook 2 cups of rice (appr. 400 gr). More than enough for four people.

Is the AZUME dishwasher proof?


What are the dimensions and weight?

The AZUME is approximately ø 18 cm x H 18 cm, with a weight of 2 kg

I don’t have a Credit Card. How can I purchase an AZUME Ceramic Rice Cooker?

Go to our webshop page on and pay with PayPall or iDeal.

Is the AZUME suitable for induction?

Unfortunately not, but you can buy special induction adapters online or in the kitchen shops. You place these between the induction plate and the Azume.

Another option is a portable gas-burner. You can buy these in many Chinese shops, or kitchen shops. And you can use it for many things, like cooking Shabu Shabu at the table. Fun and delicious

Why is overseas shipping so expensive?

We’re working with a professional logistics & distribution company to make our international deliveries as effective as possible. And it is pretty expensive to ship overseas. We’re determined though to get to all of our international backers!

The total price will still get you an AZUME for less than the eventual retail price and should let us ship to anyone, anywhere.

Can I pick my AZUME up in Rotterdam?

Yes you can!

Will there be a bigger AZUME?

Right now we’re only preparing one size for production.

Will the AZUME be made in Holland?

Unfortunately, there is no ceramic industry in the Netherlands that can manufacture the AZUME. So we had to go abroad. Regardless of production location, the design and engineering are all based in the Netherlands to make the highest-quality AZUME at a price point that’s competitive.

AZUME production check in Xiamen China

quality check at factory in Xiamen China

Quality control

Prototypes made by Mieke Montagne