by Jinai Looi & Maria van der Spek


Ingredients for 4:

2 cups sticky rice/ketan rice (new crop) 1 piece Chinese dried pork belly, bacon or Cha Siew 2 Chinese sausages/ lap cheung 6 dried Chinese mushrooms/shiitake 2 tbsp little dried shrimp
2 tbsp light soy sauce 1 tbsp dark soy sauce 2 tsp sesame oil 1 tsp ground white pepper 1 bunch spring onions sliced in thin rings 1 bunch coriander, chopped


New crop sticky rice is not only tastier than normal sticky rice, but it can also be cooked without soaking upfront, in a shorter time and with less water. *Only ¾ cup of water for every cup of rice.

  • Soak the shiitake and shrimp in hot water for at least 15 minutes.
  • Slice the pork belly, the thinner the better.
  • Cut the lap cheung first lengthwise in 4 and then in small cubes.
  • Drain the shiitake and shrimp and cut in thin slices.
  • Heat 2-3 tbsp baking oil in a wok.
  • Fry the pork belly and lap cheung on medium high fire until they are hot.
  • Add the shiitake and shrimp. Stir it a few times.
  • Add the sticky rice and fry for about 5 minutes while thoroughly stirring everything to prevent burning.
  • Add the soy sauces, sesamy oil and white pepper and keep stirring.
  • Put the fried mixture in the AZUME, add the water*.
  • Turn off the heat and let it steam for another 12 minutes until it’s done.
  • Serve in bowls and garnish with lots of sliced spring onion and coriander.